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Ceiling Material - Cruisers & Sailing Forums.Re: Ceiling Material I like foam backed vinyl.did my whole boat with it.stapled it to pieces of 6mm thick ply then fit to ceiling stringers with Velcro. Easy on and can have a little fun with some design details by having more/smaller panels.

houseboat ceiling panels - Wholesale Composite decking..houseboat ceiling panels Ceiling Options Houseboat Options - us.houseboatky Ceiling Options Houseboat Options Stardust Cruisers is the oldest houseboat company in the industry.

Interior Ceiling Panels - Marine & Offshore Supplies, Inc..Marine & Offshore Supplies the following products to the industry: Fire and Blast Doors, Wall and Ceiling Panels, Rudders, Rescue and Life Boats, Fire rated and.

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Ceiling Tiles, Drop Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Panels - The..Determine the Right Application for You Drop - Laying in a grid just below your ceiling, drop ceilings are easy to care for. Great for hiding duct work & wiring.

How to Replace House Boat Wall Panels | eHow.How to Replace House Boat Wall Panels;. Place marks on the floor and ceiling at each stud to locate them for installing the new paneling.

FRP panels from home depot in marine applications..FRP panels from home depot in marine applications? Hello, I am replacing some of the interior paneling. I see no reason it would not work in a boat for the ceiling.

Boat Ceiling Panels | Yacht, Houseboat, Headliner, Material.A good ceiling panel should be water resistant, this is important because a boat will most of the time be in the water. It should also be made from an anti-corrosion material: it should not suffer from mildew and should also be chemically stable.

Source for houseboat ceiling panels? - All About Houseboats.Many houseboats were built with ceiling panels that measure 4' X 12' with a nailing slot every 16 inches. They were used by many manufacturers from the 1970's through the 1990's and are similar in composition to ceiling tiles used in many homes.

Ceiling Options Houseboat Options | Houseboat..Ceiling Options Houseboat Options Stardust Cruisers is the oldest houseboat company in the industry. Houseboat Manufacturing By Trifecta Houseboats