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Cost of Hardwood Floors - Estimates and Prices Paid. Typical costs: Installing a standard solid-strip hardwood floor averages about $8 a square foot for materials, insulation and site finishing, and up to $12 a square foot for wide pine planks, or $1,150-$1,750 for a 12x12-foot room.

Cost to Install Hardwood Floors | 2017 Cost Calculator. Hardwood installation. Estimated price range includes the costs of installing standard hardwood floors (3/4" solid hardwood floor planks, engineered, finished, unfinished) with one or a combination of installation methods, on clean and leveled underlayment subfloors.

Refinishing a Hardwood Floor Cost - Typical costs: It's about$200-$250 (averaging $1/square foot) to recoat a slightly worn 225-square-foot (15x15 feet) room, a process also known as screening. Typically this takes about a day or two, and restores a floor that's in relatively good condition.

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floor - Estimates and Prices at Fixr.Average cost cost to refinish hardwood floor is about $3650 (350 sq.ft. living room - 144 sq.ft. kitchen - 12 treads stair). Find here detailed information about hardwood floor refinishing costs. Average cost cost to refinish hardwood floor is about $3650 (350 sq.ft. living room - 144 sq.ft. kitchen - 12 treads stair).

Wood Flooring Installation | Lumber Liquidators.HARDWOOD FLOORS FOR LESS! SHOP.. you're also working with the experts at one of our more than 300 neighborhood Lumber Liquidators stores to ensure you get the.

2018 Cost To Install Hardwood Flooring | Average Prices..See ImproveNet's Hardwood Flooring Cost Guide offers average prices on the installation of wood floors. See types, prices per fquare foot, considerations and more.

The Average Cost of Hardwood Floor Installation, Sanding.. The cost for installation of a hardwood floor is usually quoted on a per-square-foot basis. The total cost of a given floor can vary greatly depending on the cost of the flooring material you choose and your location, but you can expect the range to be between $5 and $10 per square foot.

How Much Should My New Floor Cost? | Angie's List.Prices for hardwood range from $2 a square foot for the cheapest flooring up to $30 or more on the high end. Flooring pros say the affordability and durability of engineered hardwood floors make it more popular with homeowners than solid wood floors.

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floor - 2017 Cost Calculator..The cost to Refinish a Hardwood Floor starts at $4.38 - $5.36 per square foot, but varies significantly with common options. Get real costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements here. See the time to refinish a hardwood floor, along with per unit costs and material requirements.

Cost to Install Hardwood Floor - Homewyse. Hardwood Flooring Equipment Allowance. Job related costs of specialty equipment used for job quality and efficiency, including: Pneumatic nailer for 1 1/2" to 2" nails and up to 3/4" thick flooring. Daily rental.

2018 Flooring Installation Cost | Tile Vs. Hardwood Cost.See how much it costs to install all flooring types. After you determine your flooring cost, the next step is to connect with flooring contractors near you!

Hardwood Flooring Prices - Cost Breakdown.If one is looking for cost, one box (7,720 count) of standard 2" staples for a 3/4" hardwood floor runs in the $ 50.00 range. Standard asphalt felt paper, often recommended by manufacturers, runs about 4 cents per square foot. Floating Floors. Now the costs begin to rise.

When selling, hardwood floor beats carpet - MarketWatch.True hardwood floors will often cost from $3.50 up to and above $12.95 per square foot, plus installation costs of between $2.75 to $6.75 per square foot, Buch said. The wider the planks, the more costly the flooring.

2018 Guide to Hardwood Floor Refinishing Costs.Cost: The cost to refinish the floors is far less than replacing them. The cost to install a wood floor is about $4,000 -- $2,000 more than refinishing. Age: The age of your floor can be a huge factor, especially if you only installed it a few years ago.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Hardwood Floors? | Angie.. Flooring companies typically quote the cost to install a hardwood floor on a square-foot basis. Your total cost can vary significantly depending on the type of hardwood you choose and your location, but you can expect the range to be from $5 to $8 per square foot.

How Much Do Hardwood Floors Cost | floors can be a worthwhile expense. They can improve the look of your home and increase your property value. Find out what you need to know to install them.

2018 Cost To Install or Replace Hardwood Flooring..HomeAdvisor's Wood Flooring Cost Guide lists prices associated with installing hardwood floors including labor and materials, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers.

The Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors - The Spruce. The Cost Of Refinishing Hardwood Stairs and Rails. Average: $40 - $75 per stair - Generally, a staircase will drive the cost of a refinishing project up by about 50%. This is because they are very small surfaces, that require skilled, time-consuming, detail work in order to get them properly re-finished.