how to repair teak decks on boats

Leaking Teak Decks Over Plywood.Boat Soup?.Any advice/ideas on this issue: teak decks leaking to ply subdeck. A fella told me that mixing up some boat soup and laying on a bunch of coats will do the trick.

How to Clean, Restore, and Seal Teak Wood on Your Boat.You should not use any bleach. All weathered teak should be first be cleaned with Crystal Deck Cleaner. 1. Wet decks and all surrounding painted and fiberglass areas thoroughly with fresh water. 2. Sprinkle teak cleaner evenly and liberally over wet surface to be cleaned. Do not try to clean more than 6-8 square feet at one time. Mix 1 cup of Crystal Deck Teak Cleaner in a 1/2 gallon of water.

Maintaining Teak Decks | Professional Boat Care.Maintaining Teak Decks. The maintenance of teak decks is one topic sure to start a debate on the dock! It seems everyone has an opinion on what is best and if you.

Replacing Black Caulk in Teak: Step by Step Photos.If you have teak on your boat,. we swore we weren’t going to do anything to the teak decks until they. explain what you need & they’ll tell you how to fix.

Synthetic Teak Boat Decking Repair & Maintenance..Don’t use a power sander on your PlasDECK! It will warp the ‘grain’ that lends to PlasDECK’s teak appearance. Patch it! A patch can be used to repair any serious damage to the deck. Learn how to do it by checking our repair section or by calling us directly at 1-800-320-1841. DON’T bother wearing black-soled shoes on PlasDECK.

How to care for teak decks - to care for teak decks.. durable material for marine use, if teak decks are not treated. easy and quick to fix and are perhaps best done.